Customer-based service

The exploitation of parking facilities is the core business of Interparking. These facilities can be divided into car parks which are owned by or rented out to an external party or car parks which are operated by us on their behalf. This last set-up requires a more service-oriented approach of the organization and staff.

The service offered by Interparking can be characterized as followed:

  • Supervision, service and information supply by parking attendants.
  • Remote management from our central monitoring station.
  • Operational management.
  • Financial administration by our finance department.
  • Subscription and time credit administration by our own customer service department.
  • Technical management by our own technical department.
  • Management.


Interparking operates the parking facilities in a meticulous and accurate manner. We are proactive, service-minded and customer-friendly in our attitude towards the users of parking facilities.

Clean, complete and safe
Clean, complete and safe are important basic principles for our organization. Our service is of a high level and constantly aimed at improving the quality of our parking facilities. The parking facilities have to be:

  • clean, at a level to be determined together will all stakeholders;
  • complete, in other words, anything that’s broken has to be fixed as soon as possible;
  • safe, accessible and manned, to ensure the customer feels comfortable and safe and will use our parking facilities again.


You can always expect a clean and safe parking garage. Our monitoring station can be contacted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Development issues
During our survey of the location, we map the routes for passenger cars  to and from the parking facilities. We also look at pedestrian access to the location. Any bottlenecks are explored and we analyse the ‘service area’ of the facility. This information is used as input for a feasibility study.

With this feasibility study, we try to determine the turnover that can be expected of the parking location. Per location, an investment level is determined. All this is taken into account during the design phase.

Based on the advice of Interparking on the in-, through- and outflow of visitors (passenger cars and pedestrians) and the lay-out of the parking spaces, an architect will look into the construction aspects during the design phase.

Products and Services Interparking
In our efforts to achieve high-quality and customer-friendly parkings Interparking offers by country and market segment customized products and services.

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