Interparking Social Responsibility

We have a growing responsibility towards society. Interparking takes this responsibility seriously and dedicates itself to sustainable development. Corporate social responsibility means that Interparking not only strives to make profit, but also looks at how our activities impact the environment (planet). Interparking also has an interest in the human aspect of the business (people). Interparking aims to achieve a balance between people, planet and profit.

Interparking takes its responsibility towards the environment seriously. An important target for our company is being 100% CO2-neutral. Interparking Belgium has been CO2-neutral since 2011. We are proud of the fact that since February 2013, Interparking Nederland is officially a CO2-neutral organization.

We also anticipate the growth of the number of energy-efficient vehicles, by facilitating charging points for electric cars.

Interparking has a high corporate social responsibility. It is important to us that our staff are happy in their job. Interparking is an organization that invests in its employees, by e.g. offering educational and career planning.

ISO 14001 certified
Interparking Nederland has been ISO 14001 certified since December 5, 2013.  This certification refers to our environment management system. Some of the important aspects from our environmental policy are the focus on LED lighting, the use of renewable energy, reducing the average CO2 emission of our car fleet and making our staff more environmentally aware.

Eco Parking
Interparking helps drivers become more eco-friendlyDrivers with a car with a fuel economy rating A know that their cars are more environmentally friendly, but now they can also park more cheaply. At Interparking, we call this Eco Parking. From 2014, this new way of parking is possible at the Lijnbaan and Markthal car park in Rotterdam.

A lower rate, a cleaner city
Eco Parking is win-win for everyone. On the one hand, drivers can park at a cheaper rate. On the other hand, the city centre stays cleaner. Interparking combines two important environmental aspects:

  • It promotes environmentally-friendly driving
  • It reduces CO2 emission
  • Drivers also become more aware about the fuel economy rating of their car. It is part of Interparking’s mission to contribute towards this awareness. 

    Eco Parking

    An eco-friendly parking solution
    Interparking’s mission is ‘Making the world move better’, which forms the basis of eco-friendly parking solutions such as Eco Parking. Eco Parking helps people get around in a more environmentally-friendly way. Interparking is the first car park operator in the Netherlands and Europe to introduce a parking reduction scheme based on the fuel economy rating. It is our plan to introduce Eco Parking at other Interparking locations in Europe.