What we do

Urban areas are becoming increasingly densely populated. In order to keep city centres accessible, a well thought-out mobility policy is needed. That is why Interparking is working on the parking facilities of the future on a daily basis. Whether it’s about living, shopping or working; we ensure optimum parking facilities at any location. Our specialists understand your challenges and are happy to get to work for you.

We are experts in the exploitation and renovation of existing parking facilities and the development of new parking facilities. We are active in 31 Dutch cities for more than 60 clients.

What makes us stand out

We operate our facilities totally different from how the situation used to be. We get the most out of your parking facility by:
•  Attracting and retaining more users;
•  increasing the quality and/or appeal of the parking facility;
•  Offering a better range of services.

Our operational team ensures the parking facilities are clean and tidy and is available 24/7 for both the car park operator and the client. Together with our experienced specialists in Business Development, Finance, Marketing, Sales and HR, they form a customer-oriented team that can be deployed efficiently and quickly for your parking facility.

Clear and transparent

We ensure that operating processes run smoothly and efficiently. This means that we provide a thorough information hand-over and clear operational and financial reports. Our innovative systems enable us to monitor parking facilities in real time and to create an overview of the performances of your parking facility.

From drawing to an optimal customer experience

Interparking advises clients in the design phase of new parking facilities on the design, the routing and the latest technological applications, in order to maximise the flow of traffic. Parking must be quick, easy and trouble-free.

This is one of our top priorities: to optimise the customer experience for users.

Striving for maximum results

Interparking is an interesting strategic partner for you because we:
•  Have knowledge of the latest developments and innovations in the market;
•  Are experts in the field of design and layout;
•  Pre-finance and supervise procurement processes;
•  Act as project manager for development and renovation projects;
•  Can develop investment issues, feasibility studies and business cases. 

Management, exploitation and lease

The following models can be used to collaborate with Interparking for a new or existing parking garage:
•  Purchase
•  Exploitation
•  Management
•  Joint venture

Interparking’s Business Development department is your point of contact for the realisation of new parking facilities or the renovation or management of existing parking facilities.

Would you like more information about what Interparking can do for you? You can contact:

Mariska Kornet
New Business Manager
Tel: +31 6 21 999 547
E-mail: mkornet@interparking.com