Our security company

Parking + Protection is part of Interparking and specialises in managing and securing parking facilities. Our certified security officers have the right expertise in the field of service, security and surveillance. 

Physical security

To keep a parking facility safe, you need the right employees. Parking + Protection employs certified security officers. Our security officers know that safety is an experience that is determined by many factors. Poor lighting or litter, for example, can make customers feel unsafe. We don’t wait for an incident to occur, but are proactive in improving the parking experience. Through continuous education and training, we ensure that our employees are experienced in identifying dangerous situations and are able to take appropriate action.

We currently provide physical security at the following locations: Jeroen Bosch Hospital, Tergooi Hospital Blaricum en Hilversum, Zaans Medical Centre en Dijklander Hospital.

If you would like more information, you can contact:

Mariska Kornet
New Business Manager
Tel: +31 6 21 999 547
E-mail: mkornet@interparking.com