Jeroen Bosch Hospital (Den Bosch)

Main entrance address:

Henri Dunantstraat 3, 5223 Den Bosch

Total places 656
Places for disabled 18
Electric charging points 24
Maximal height 2.1 m

Practical information

The parking around the Jeroen Bosch hospital is called the Jeroen Bosch car park and consists of a modern car park of 6 floors and an outdoor area.  

Both facilities are equipped with the most modern equipment and are monitored by an advanced camera system. Have questions? You can ask our friendly security guard at the lodge or the emergency room for help through our intercom system at the parking equipment.

Time Price
First 30 minutes Free exit
31-45 minutes € 2,20
Next per 15 minutes € 0,55
Day ticket € 9,90
Week ticket € 27,50

Opening hours
Entry hours  
All days 00:00 - 24:00
Exit hours  
All days 00:00 - 24:00

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