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Einhoven Airport selects Interparking as parking service partner


Following a European-wide tender, Eindhoven Airport has selected Interparking as its partner for the parking management of 10 parking facilities, with a total of 5,800 spaces, around the airport. As of January, Interparking and Eindhoven Airport will enter into a sustainable collaboration. Eindhoven Airport is the second largest airport in the Netherlands with 6.7 million arriving and departing passengers in 2019. The parties have the ambition to improve the quality of service and to further optimise the customer experience.

Jaap Verheijen – manager Parking & Mobility Services: “With its tender ‘Integrated Parking Management’, the airport aims to focus even more on the quality of its parking product and the parking experience. The various tasks and activities that used to be a addition to the service range of partners in airport operation until now, will all be combined under one contract with one Parking Hospitality Service Partner. As a result, we expect a more efficient operation with a focus on the parking experience as the core mission. For that reason, we did not look for an operator, but a Hospitality Service Partner. We are convinced that Interparking is a very suitable party to fulfil this role. Interparking has a lot of experience in the field of parking and in particular airport parking, and knows how to translate the needs of passengers into a good customer experience. Eindhoven Airport is pleased to start its partnership with Interparking and looks forward to a pleasant and instructive collaboration.”

Interparking as Hospitality Service Partner

Interparking is strongly represented in the field of airport parking management, and manages the parking facilities at Brussels Airport in Belgium, Gdansk Airport in Poland and now also Eindhoven Airport. Especially at airports, where large numbers of different types of travellers come together, experience and high-quality parking solutions are key. A good example is the high-end VIP Parking service for business travellers at Brussels Airport. At Eindhoven Airport, Interparking will also contribute to product development, sustainability initiatives and the optimisation of the design and lay-out of the car parks. A completely new team will ensure an optimal customer experience, including parking guidance and a customer contact centre, consisting of a customer service department and a central control room, which is available 24/7.

Mariska Kornet - new business manager at Interparking Netherlands: “We are delighted that Eindhoven Airport has selected Interparking as a partner and are proud of the role we are going to play in this challenging project. We look forward to providing travellers with even better service and meeting the high expectations of our partner."