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The review of 2023



Upgrade of Interparking Lijnbaan Rotterdam completed
Interparking Lijnbaan started the second phase of the upgrade in January 2023. Following major upgrades in 2022 to the entrance, expansion of parking spaces and loading capacity, further work was carried out in 2023 to replace the elevators and completely renovate the stairwell to ensure a fresh and inviting appearance.

Start of large-scale renovation of WTC Rotterdam
The renovation of the WTC parking garage started in August. All floors have a new coating, the parking spaces have been widened and the direction of travel has been adjusted to promote traffic flow. In the coming year, a parking guidance system will be installed and the electric charging points will be expanded. In addition, the disabled spaces will be centered and there will be a pedestrian connection to the Air offices (the office building opposite the parking garage). Finally, the facade will be covered with 400m2 of plants.

Parking without cash and ticket

Over the past year, six additional locations in the Netherlands have been converted into cashless car parks: IJdock, Lijnbaan, Markthal, Museumkwartier, IJ-Oever and Mediamarkt. This upgrade resulted in operational and security improvements. The JBZ and Willemspoort parking garages have also been upgraded to ticketless locations.

Better customer service accessibility during peak hours
To improve service to our customers during these peak hours, Interparking Netherlands has contracted a Dutch call center to handle the overflow calls. The majority of these calls relate to rates, entrance heights and product information. Our call center teams are fully trained to answer these questions quickly and effectively. The result is an improved customer experience with faster processing.

Improved insight and minimal disruptions thanks to the new control room operating system
In 2023, an advanced operating system was integrated into the control room. This tool accurately tracks the number, duration and type of calls in the control room and provides a live dashboard of calls and productivity by desk. In addition, advanced reporting features provide insight into disruptions, recurring issues and user errors, allowing management to take targeted action to resolve and prevent recurrence.

Carefree parking at the new Willemspoort location
This new parking garage, with 350 parking spaces, is located in Den Bosch and fully owned by Interparking. Traffic can easily ascend and descend via two separate ways and one-way traffic is maintained throughout the garage. It is possible for visitors to easily drive in and out based on license plate registration, making tickets and cash unnecessary. This allows visitors to enter and leave the car park more quickly. 

Willemspoort Den Bosch 

Apple/Google Wallet integration for online reservations
Customers can now easily save their reservations in the Apple Wallet and Google Wallet apps. This means users always have quick access to their reservations, which is especially useful in car parks with QR code access or as an additional backup for license plate recognition.

Digital parking validation replaces paper vouchers
Companies can facilitate parking to their customers or visitors by digitally validating their parking space via our web-based portal. After validation, customers can immediately leave the car park without having to go to a payment terminal. This new product saves on the production and distribution of paper parking tickets, while saving the customer time on order processing. A win-win!

Improvement of internal communication through digital platform
Interparking Netherlands launched the innovative communication tool 'Oneteam' at the end of October. Through this user-friendly app, team members can inform colleagues more quickly and efficiently about the latest company news. The result is a team of committed and enthusiastic employees.