Park + Bike

Affordable parking and discount on bike rental!
Park + Bike

Park your car and continue by bicycle with Park + Bike! Besides discount on the parking tariff, you also receive discount on the bicycle rental.

How does it work?

On presentation of your online reservation, you can rent a bike with discount at several bike rentals in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Now, you not only have a discount on your parking tariff, but also on the bike rental!

Where can I use Park + Bike?

At the moment, you can use Park + Bike in Amsterdam and Haarlem. Here you see an overview of the participating bike rentals and the discount rates.

Park + Bike

Terms and Conditions

The discounts differ from each other, but the terms and conditions are uniform.

  • Applies to all booking products.
  • A maximum of 8 people can rent a bicycle per online booking at the reduced rate.
  • You must follow the instructions of the bike rentals when it comes to opening hours and similar agreements.
  • Interparking is not liable for damage or injury resulting from the use of the bicycle rental through Amsterdam Bike Rent.