Advertisement We offer organizations the opportunity to advertise in our car parks by billboards or on tickets.

Ticket advertising

On the back of the short parking tickets you can post your advertisement. This form of advertising has a large range, given the number of parkers that visit our parking facilities every day, and has three moments of contact with the customer:
  • When entering the parking facility;
  • When paying at the paymachine;
  • When leaving the parking facility.

Conditions for ticket advertising

  • The advertising must fit into the advertising strategy of Interparking and/or potential clients of Interparking.
  • Placement period: depending on availability.
  • Delivery of advertising image in Illustrator or Indesign.


This form of advertising is outsourced by Interparking to a professional organization.


For more information about these forms of advertising or a non-committal tender for ticket advertising please contact our Sales Department by telephone at tel: +31 88 54 21 300 or send an e-mail to