Board of Directors and Management

As a forward-thinking organization, Interparking's Board of Directors and management are committed to creating high-quality and environmentally friendly parking facilities. Our objective is to offer tailor-made parking solutions that bring added value to various stakeholders, including visitors, clients, society, employees, and shareholders.

We recognize the importance of delivering an optimal experience to our customers, fulfilling the needs of our clients, making a positive societal impact, providing a stimulating work environment for our employees, and generating returns for our shareholders. With this focus, we aim to make a valuable contribution on multiple levels. 

Interparking Board of Directors:

Serge Fautré | Chairman
Yves De Clercq (Yves De Clercq SCA) | Director
Roland Cracco (Kingsdale Consulting SRL) | CEO
Marc Van Begin (Marc Van Begin SRL) | Director
Antonio Cano | Director
Amand Benoît D’Hondt (Amand Benoït D’Hondt SRL) | Director
Bart Saenen | Director
Jan-Jacob van Wulfften Palthe | Director
Piet Coelewij (Adsum Auxilio BV) | Director
Wim Guilliams (until 31/12/2022) | Director Karel Tanghe (from 01/01/2023) | Director

Board of Directors

IInvestment Committee

Serge Fautré | Chairman
Amand Benoît D’Hondt (Amand Benoït D’Hondt SRL) | Member
Yves De Clercq (Yves De Clercq SCA) | Member
Bart Saenen | Member

Audit Preparation Committee

Marc Van Begin (Marc Van Begin SRL) | Chairman
Amand Benoît D’Hondt (Amand Benoït D’Hondt SRL) | Member
Bart Saenen | Member

BNomination and Remuneration Committee

Serge Fautré | Chairman
Antonio Cano | Member
Bart Saenen | Member

Corporate management

Roland Cracco | CEO
Elisabeth Roberti | General Secretary
Edouard de Vaucleroy | CFO
Arnaud Baijot | Head of Group M&A

Operational management of the Interparking Group

Duitsland / Oostenrijk (Contipark)
Michael Kesseler

Patrick Minnaert

Spanje / Roemenië
Ernesto Piera

Marc Grasset

Davide Fornasiero

Vladan Jankovic

Robert Falecki