Doing business with Interparking

We do everything we can to make carefree and easy parking accessible and affordable for everyone. We believe that an area is more attractive without vehicles on street. Therefore, we daily commit ourselves to sustainably improving mobility and optimizing traffic flow within cities. We achieve this through our high-quality parking facilities, which are well-integrated into the surroundings. Through this approach, we contribute to better traffic flow and a positive impact on the livability of cities.

Interparking is dedicated to provide the best possible customer experience

With over 65 years of experience, we possess the expertise to provide tailored solutions, from the very first design phase to the management stage. We place significant importance on findability, routing, comfort, hospitality, and payment convenience. Our aim is to offer visitors an optimal parking experience and provide complete peace of mind to our clients. Whether as an owner, tenant, or service provider, we are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience at all levels. 

5 reasons to choose a partnership with Interparking

  1. Optimal Parking Experience. Providing our visitors with an optimal parking experience is our top priority.
  2. Comprehensive Focus. We specialize in the purchase, rental, and management of parking facilities.
  3. Expertise in Customer-Friendly Solutions. Our expertise lies in creating customer-friendly parking solutions for new construction, transformation, and renovation projects.
  4. Maximizing Parking Utilization. We possess the knowledge and commercial tools to maximize the utilization of parking spaces.
  5. Financial Strength. We are a financially robust and solvent company. The Interparking Group is financially sound, with a recurrent turnover of 491,4 million euros in 2022 and a recurring consolidated EBITDA of 143.6 million euros. 

We are happy to advice you

We are happy to think along with you about the possibilities with regard to your parking issue. For more information, an appointment or questions, please contact our specialists via

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