Corporate Social Responsibility

Together with our employees, clients, and partners, we are continuously exploring the steps we can take to develop environmentally friendly parking solutions. This includes prioritizing the environment surrounding the parking facility, ensuring optimal traffic flow, and addressing the needs of the parker. Additionally, we collaborate with architects and urban planners to contribute to a more appealing cityscape by reducing the presence of vehicles on the streets.

Minimizing CO2 emissions from search traffic 

For our parking facilities, we always strive for the shortest route and minimizing visitor movements. This means that we aim to guide the visitor as swiftly as possible from home – to the parking garage – all the way to their intended destination. We achieve this by allowing the parker to reserve a parking spot in advance, thus minimizing search traffic within the city. Our parking garages are efficiently designed with optimal routing, and the parking guidance system ensures that the parker finds an available parking spot as quickly as possible.


 100% CO2 neutral

All parking garages in our possession are equipped with energy-efficient LED lighting and motion sensors to reduce power consumption. In the Boulevard parking garage in Scheveningen, the ventilation system is also linked to motion detection. This results in additional energy savings, especially during the night, based on the number of movements. Another sustainable step we have taken is that Interparking Boulevard is the first Interparking garage in the Netherlands to have solar panels for generating its own energy. Due to the positive results, we are currently exploring the possibilities of implementing this on other locations as well.

Capacity of charging stations is being extensively expanded

We are actively engaged in investments to increase the current capacity of our parking garages in urban areas. Interparking aims to offer the most comprehensive range of charging facilities in the city in the future. At the same time, we strive to maintain accessibility to the parking garages for everyone and retain sufficient parking capacity. We understand the importance of having ample parking spaces available for all types of vehicles.

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We are more than happy to help you 

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