Sustainable entrepreneurship

We have an increasing responsibility toward society. Interparking takes this responsibility seriously and dedicates itself to sustainable development. Sustainable entrepreneurship means that we not only strive to make a profit, but also take into account what effects our activities have on the planet. In addition, Interparking has an eye for the human aspects, both within and outside the company (people). We strive to find a balance between the needs of people, planet and profit.

Vladan Jankovic, CEO Interparking Nederland: “At Interparking, we take our responsibilities with respect to the environment very seriously. With this vision in mind, we are proud to announce that we as the Interparking Group are 100% CO2 neutral!”  

In order to reduce our ecological footprint, we have analysed the entire Interparking value chain. This evaluation has led to very concrete actions to reduce our electricity consumption, to recycle as much waste as possible and, where possible, to switch to sustainable energy. In addition, we have set a number of energy-efficient projects in motion, such as remote meetings and the replacement of part of our fleet by electric vehicles.

Lysanne Tuchscherer, HR Manager at Interparking Nederland: “Interparking has a huge social responsibility. In addition to employee satisfaction, the environmental awareness of our staff is an important pillar of our strategy. We invest in our employees, for instance through training and career coaching.”

Sustainable parking solutions

Interparking is taking a new step in its ambition to realise a better environment for everyone. The Befroi parking garage in Namur, Belgium, for example, is equipped with an innovative system to reduce fine and ultrafine dust particles within the facility. This system purifies the air, which sometimes makes it even cleaner than the outside air.


“Interparking addresses the challenges of social and environmental responsibility in different ways,” says Roland Cracco, CEO of Interparking. “We believe that making a positive impact on society and the environment is an integral part of our mission."

Our services are designed to minimise the movement of parking motorists, in order to minimise CO2 emissions. This means that we want to lead the customer as quickly as possible from their home - to the parking garage - to their final destination. We do this by enabling the customer to book a parking space in advance, which minimises search traffic in the city. Our parking garages are optimally designed and have a parking guidance system so that the users can quickly and easily find a free parking space. Motorists with an energy label A car or electric car also get a discount on parking with Eco Parking! This form of parking was introduced at the Interparking facilities in Rotterdam and The Hague in 2014.

We also encourage sustainable driving by providing plenty of electric charging stations at our parking facilities. At the moment, Interparking has more than 400 charging stations in the Netherlands and this number is still growing! Some Interparking facilities offer the possibility to rent a UFODRIVE car. The fleet consists exclusively of zero-emission electric cars, such as the Tesla Model S, the Audi E-Tron and the Jaguar I-PACE.

Would you like to know more about what Interparking does in the field of corporate social responsibility? View our latest CSR Report below.