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CO2 neutral certification in three new countries

For several years now, Interparking has managed its activities around three key strategic axes: Quality, Mobility and Environmental care. Indeed, as a key player in the mobility sector in Europe, Interparking has actively embraced the use of sustainable technologies in order to limit its impact on the environment.

A major part of this commitment is CO2-Neutrality. In order to achieve this neutrality, the whole “carbon value chain” of Interparking Group has been analyzed and redesigned in order to reduce our ecological footprint.

Many specific actions have been taken: reductions in energy consumption through innovative technologies such as LED lights, continuous recycling, installations of solar panels, optimization of ticketing system, etc. Thanks to these changes, Interparking is getting closer to its goal to become a 100% carbon neutral organization. This year, we are proud to add Germany, Spain and Poland to the list of countries that are CO2-neutral certified. This brings the total number of CO2 neutral countries managed by Interparking to 8 (out of 9): Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Spain.

Beyond the optimization within its operations, Interparking is also proud to renew its long term engagement to several projects to reduce CO2 in Africa, and in particular the fight against deforestation in Uganda.

CO2 neutral