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Parking Leidschenhof in The Hague awarded for an ESPA!


On February 25th Wooninvest and Interparking received during the officially ceremony the European Standard Parking Award from Vexpan.

Parking Leidschenhof, which has 256 parking places, optimized the lighting and is now officially a high quality parking facility. By receiving this award, the total number of awards for Interparking in the Netherlands increased to 17. In Europe, 128 parkings of Interparking honored with an award.

Leidschenhof is located in the district Leidschenveen right next to shopping center 'T Hoge Veen and is part of a multifunctional building complex. The complex consists among others of housing and healthcare-related facilities.

About ESPA
ESPA (European Standard Parking Award) is an award that is given behalf of the EPA (European Parking Association). And in the Netherlands the ESPA is awarded by the authority Vexpan. ESPA has been created by the European parking industry because they want to improve the quality of parkings. The review will use a comprehensive checklist, with parts such as lighting, ease of use, safety, comfort and payment.

Uitreiking ESPA Leidschenhof