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The review of 2022


We look back on a good and busy year in which many changes have taken place. After we emerged from the hard lockdown in mid-January, the last corona rules were released in March. This had a major impact on our business. Our visitors found their way back to the car parks and the number of online reservations grew explosively. We are proud that, partly due to this growth in turnover, we are back at the level of the period before corona.

It is in our DNA to make carefree and affordable parking accessible for everyone. Together with our employees, clients and partners, we are constantly looking at the steps we can take to develop sustainable and customer-friendly parking solutions. We are therefore very proud that Interparking Boulevard, in September, was voted to 1 of the 3 best car parks in Europe!

I would like to thank our employees, clients and partners for the pleasant contact, their trust and I look forward to continue this great collaboration in 2023 and building on our mission: realizing high-quality and affordable parking solutions for our parkers.

Vladan Jankovic, CEO Interparking Netherlands 


770 parking spaces will be equipped with a charging point by the end of 2022
In various parking garages such as Museumkwartier in The Hague, Markthal and Lijnbaan in Rotterdam and IJDock in Amsterdam, the loading capacity has been expanded in the past year. This expansion is part of the strategy for the coming years, in which we want to meet the growing demand for electric driving and reduce the impact on the environment. Our aim is to be able to offer the widest charging range in the city and to keep the car park accessible to everyone.

Number of online reservations increased by 65% in 2022
More and more visitors are discovering the convenience of online reservations. We see this reflected in our bookings. In some locations, more than half of our visitors, reserve a parking space online. The mix of easily accessible locations, attractive rates and user-friendly websites are important factors in the enormous boost of online visitors.

15th location added to healthcare sector portfolio
Interparking Netherlands is market leader in parking in the healthcare sector. In February we added Gelre Hospitals, as the 15th care location, to our portfolio. Since then we have provided the complete parking management for almost 2,000 parking spaces in Apeldoorn and Zutphen. In addition, we have an advisory role in the construction of a new car park with a capacity of 890 parking places in Apeldoorn.

New technologies for an optimal customer experience

Digital rate signs
In mid 2022 there have been digital displays, on which real-time information can be displayed, installed at the entrances of the Boulevard and IJ-oever center car parks. For example, by informing our visitors about the number of available spaces, in which section it is best to park, but also for a personally welcome to our visitors with an online reservation.

Mobile payment via QR code
Last year, the option of mobile payment using a QR code was introduced in the Boulevard car park. By scanning the QR code on the back of the ticket, you can easily pay the costs via the bank app, no longer have to go to the payment terminal so you can continue your journey quickly. In 2022, we processed 6,193 transactions with this payment method.

Ticketless entry and exit i.c.w. online booking
A customer-friendly and sustainable solution is the fact that visitors with an online reservation can now drive directly to a parking space in Interparking Boulevard without taking a ticket. When entering, the license plate is automatically scanned and the visitor can drive directly to a free parking space.

Start upgrade Interparking Lijnbaan
Interparking Lijnbaan, located in the bustling heart of Rotterdam, is currently undergoing a total upgrade to a high-quality and customer-friendly parking facility. After the adjustments earlier this year, such as the renewed entrance, the expanded parking bays, the expansion of the loading capacity from 7 to 22 charging facilities, the new lines on the floors and the renovation of the lifts, the complete renovation of the entire staircase will start at the beginning of 2023. 

Launch of Interparking Academy
We believe that it is important to invest in the growth and knowledge of our staff. With their qualities, they are an essential part of our services. All employees have access to an online learning platform with more than 200 online training courses to enrich their career at Interparking.

Advisory role Tergooi MC
Last year, the new car park of Tergooi MC in Hilversum was completed. This parking garage will be used by patients, visitors and employees. Interparking played a supporting role during the design and layout process. The parking garage, with more than 1,000 spaces, will be taken into use from May.