Red apple (Rotterdam)

Main entrance address:

Wijnbrugstraat 22, 3011 XW Rotterdam

Total places337
Maximal height2.00 m
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Practical information

This car park consists out of two parts: the Parkeerhuis (Parkhouse) and the Parkeerkelder (Parkbasement). The Parkeerhuis has 4 innovative car lifts and is only accessible for residents and users of The Red Apple building, including the housing corporation Havensteder. The Parkeerkelder is publicly accessible.

Time Price
50 minutes € 2.00
1 day € 24.00

Ticket lost € 24.00

Type Time Price
Residents 1 month € 148,21
7x24h Parkeerkelder 3 months € 823,63
Opening hours
Entry hours  
All days 00:00 - 24:00
Exit hours  
All days 00:00 - 24:00

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