Interparking overview

The Interparking Group, founded in 1956, is the parking pioneer of Europe and has become one of the most successful public car park operators in Europe. Because of our focus on the customer and the optimization of our car parks, we have been able to realize a strong market position.

In the Netherlands, Interparking is also a leading car park operator. We run parking facilities in city centres, in and around shopping centres and office complexes. In addition, we operate car parks for (health) care organizations.

For us, service, (social) security and quality are of the utmost importance. Our car park attendants are trained in hospitality and our inhouse technical department is always on call. Because of the introduction of the latest technologies and innovations, our parking facilities are safe and comfortable spaces for both cars and pedestrians.

Facts and figures
Interparking has 811 high-quality and customer-friendly car parks all over Europe. In total, these car parks offer room for 373.455 cars.

Interparking is active in:

The Interparking Group is financially successful and we have managed to pursue our turnover and profit with sustainable growth. In 2017, our turnover was more than 438 million Euros and an EBITDA result exceeding 132 million euros.

In 378 European cities, Interparking employs 2.383 staff (reference date January 1, 2018).

Interparking - member of the European Parking Association - has won 187 European Standard Parking Awards for the excellence of its products and services. So, motorists can rest assured that we know what we’re doing when it comes to car parks.

Interparking expertise
The operation of parking facilities is the core business of Interparking. Our vision is that parking facilities should be accessible to all visitors. We not only try to achieve this by keeping our rates realistic, but also by offering enough parking spaces, high-quality and custom service and an optimal price-quality ratio. Core concepts are service, speed, convenience, comfort and safety.

Another area of expertise of Interparking is the development of new and the renovation of existing parking facilities. Interparking has a special development department at its disposal, constantly working on new ideas and concepts. In these projects, we apply the latest technologies, making our car parks even more attractive. Interparking is an experienced partner for your parking problems and has contributed to the improvement of the attractiveness of various (shopping) centre areas in the Netherlands and Europe.

All strategies with regard to the development and exploitation of parking facilities at Interparking are based on three pillars: mobility, quality and environment.

We work hard to continuously improve mobility and to optimize the traffic flow in cities in Europe. Our customer-oriented approach entails that we offer high-quality parking facilities, fitting the need of the surrounding area.

At Interparking, the customer is king. We feel that contact with our customers is important, as it helps us optimize the quality of our service.

Interparking wants to be market leader in the field of environmentally-friendly parking solutions. We invest our profits in innovative green initiatives, such as eCar sharing and electric charging points.

ISO 9001 & 14001 certified
Interparking Netherlands is ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified. This certification covers our quality and environmental management. We also have a CO2 neutral status. The scope of our management is to manage and operate parking facilities. Some important aspects of our environmental policy are the focus on LED lighting, use of green power, reducement of the average CO2 emissions of our fleet and the environmental awareness of our employees.

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