Maximazing returns

Our innovative online reservation system enhances the visibility and profitability of car parks located on the outskirts of city centers. These "park & walk" locations boast excellent accessibility and are situated within a short walking distance from popular hotspots. Discover the benefits of our user-friendly booking system with optimal yield & revenue management capabilities. Coupled with the deployment of the right marketing mix, this ensures a growing number of additional visitors on top of regular short-term parkers.

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What are the benefits of online booking for your visitors?

By pre-booking online, visitors can take advantage of attractive reduced rates. Payment is processed securely and conveniently through our webshop, which offers various payment options such as iDeal, Mastercard, or Visa. Upon arrival, visitors can effortlessly enter the parking area through license plate recognition or by scanning a QR code from their mobile phones. This eliminates the need to go to the payment terminal, allowing for seamless entry and exit without any worries.

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