Customer-friendly parking facilities


Interparking makes high demands of its parking facilities. Especially for those facilities with a high rotation rate, such as shopping centres, Interparking recommends the use of large parking spaces and wide lanes. Our development department implements new technologies and focuses on the customer during the design and furnishing phase. During the design process, Interparking takes environmental factors into account. We pay a lot of attention to the realization of an efficient in-, through- and outflow of drivers and pedestrians, with customer-friendly parking facilities as the end result.

To achieve a high level of service, we recommend that a lot of attention is paid to the appeal and appearance of the parking facilities. Clean, complete and safe are the most important characteristics. 


Car traffic and parking facilities are a growing and necessary part of the mobility chain and society.

Parking facilities which are properly integrated into the mobility chain can make travel journeys shorter and more convenient and give users a pleasant experience. This requires an efficient in-, through- and outflow of car and passenger traffic around the parking locations. This sets high demands on the design, the lay-out and management of the parking facilities. It is our ambition to become an unmissable partner for all stakeholders in the mobility chain who desire a professional, customer-friendly, environmentally-friendly and well-organized parking facility.

In the inner-city areas, we closely cooperate with all (local) stakeholders, to retain the historic character of the cities, e.g. in Paris, Amsterdam, Brussels, Rome and Berlin.

At train stations and airports, smooth access from our parking garages to traffic interchanges is essential. In Germany, we closely cooperate with the German railways, creating customer-friendly parking facilities close to train stations.

In more and more cities, we are offering our P-card service. This P-card is a mobility pass, enabling visitors to park their car easily, safely and cheaply. With the P-card, visitors can enter and exit all parking garages where the system is used without having to pay at the pay stations. Private users can link their P-card to a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card. The P-card is free and users only pay for the minutes they park.

Starting from this year, the card enables visitors to Brussels to use the public transport system and pay at our parking facilities.

Environmentally-friendly parking facilities
By integrating parking facilities in the mobility chain, we can make travel journeys shorter, which is better for the environment.

Interparking invests in environmentally-friendly innovations, such as new payment methods (mobility pass), internal parking guidance systems, LED lighting, integrated network services and charging points for electric cars. We also invest in green energy.

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