History of Interparking

60 years ago, we built our first multi-storey car park in the heart of Brussels. Since then, Interparking has become one of the European market leaders in the field of urban mobility. We achieved this strong market position by focusing on our customers throughout the entire design, lay-out and management process.

More than 60 years of customer-friendly parking in Europe

The basic principles of Interparking have not changed much since its foundation. Even then it was clear to us that motorists are not only looking for a place to park their car. They are primarily looking for a great customer experience. Interparking offers this experience by delivering the parking customer at their destination with the right information, hospitable service staff and leading technological developments. 

After starting up our organisation in Belgium, we soon expanded to the Netherlands. We also started operating in Germany and Austria under the name of Contipark. France, Italy, Spain and Poland were added later. A new parking garage was opened in Romania in 2010.

Want to know more about the history of Interparking? Watch the video below.

Today, Interparking operates 933 parking facilities in 397 European cities - with 383,088 parking spaces.