About Interparking

  • Who we are

    Who we are

    The Interparking Group has been a renowned player in the parking world for more than 60 years. We are a professional organisation with 2,461 employees, active in 397 cities in 9 European countries.

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  • Interparking in Europe

    Interparking in Europe

    We started our company in Belgium and now operate 811 car parks in 9 European countries. Every year, we serve more than 110 million visitors.

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  • History of Interparking

    History of Interparking

    During the last five decades, we have expanded to become one of the market leaders in the operation, exploitation and development of customer-friendly parking facilities.

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  • Customer-friendly parking facilities

    Customer-friendly parking facilities

    Interparking makes high demands of its parking facilities. Especially for those facilities with a high rotation rate, such as shopping centres, Interparking recommends the use of large parking spaces and wide lanes.

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  • Customer-based service

    Customer-based service

    Our car parks have been designed and developed with your motoring needs in mind, from basic security to new green initiatives for drivers of electric or hybrid vehicles. This can be divided into car parks which are owned by or rented out to an external party or which are operated by us on their behalf.

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  • Board of Directors and Management

    Board of Directors and Management

    Interparking’s board of directors and management is committed to providing Europe’s motorists with car parks that are secure, convenient and environmentally conscious.

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  • Interparking Social Responsibility

    Interparking Social Responsibility

    We have a growing responsibility towards society. Interparking takes this responsibility seriously and dedicates itself to sustainable development.

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