History of Interparking

During the last five decades, we have expanded to become one of the market leaders in the operation, exploitation and development of customer-friendly parking facilities. We managed to achieve our strong market position by considering our parking facilities as part of the mobility chain and putting the customer at the heart of the design, lay-out and management of our car parks.

In the last 10 years, the number of parking locations has risen sharply. The number of parking spaces has doubled to 373.455 in 2017.

Five decades of customer-friendly parking facilities in Europe
Interparking’s basic principes have not changed very much since the company was founded in Belgium, over 50 years ago. Even then, we realized that drivers are not just looking for a place to park their car. They are mainly looking for a parking facility that is safe, well lit and clean. Interparking offers it all.

After opening up our first car parks in Belgium, we expanded to the Netherlands, and then to Germany and Austria, where we operate under the name Contipark. Later, we added France, Italy, Spain and Poland. In 2012, a new parking garage was opened in Romania.

Today, Interparking operates 811 parking locations in 378 European cities; with a total of 373.455 parking spaces.

Our ambition is to become an unmissable partner for all stakeholders in the mobility chain who desire a professional, customer-friendly, environmentally-friendly and well-organized parking facility. Our focus is on the customer, to further optimize our services.

The future of Interparking
In recent years, Interparking has made a name for itself because of its strong focus on sustainable and green (mobility) solutions. We are proud of the fact that since 2013, Interparking Netherlands is officially a CO2-neutral organization. We continue to work on optimizing the accessibility of cities. Car traffic and parking facilities are a growing and necessary part of the mobility chain and society in general. Parking facilities which are properly integrated into the mobility chain can make travel journeys shorter and more convenient and give users a pleasant experience. This requires an efficient in-, through- and outflow of car and passenger traffic around the parking locations. This sets high demands on the design, the lay-out and management of the parking facilities. Throughout our history, we have listened to our customers and continued to improve our services. Now we serve over 110 million motorists each year.