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Royal signing for new car park in Scheveningen

Interparking and Hommerson jointly took a new garage on the North Boulevard in Scheveningen in ownership and operation. The development of the new car park is an initiative of Hommerson, who also owns the current development of this location.

Yesterday Hommerson and the Managing Director of Interparking Roland Cracco signed the agreement for cooperation. This happened in the presence of King Philip of Belgium and the Prime Ministers of Belgium and the Netherlands. Managing Director of Interparking Roland Cracco: "We are very proud of this development in Scheveningen and we look forward to a successful cooperation with Hommerson ".

The car park is part of the redevelopment of the North Boulevard, in which the developer is also planning the addition of new commercial areas. The plan preparations are currently in full swing in cooperation with the municipality The Hague.

The construction of the car park is expected to start in 2017, after which the completion of the car park can be expected in 2018.