Electric charging points

charging points

Interparking encourages the use of environmentally friendly vehicles. An increasing number of parking facilities of Interparking therefore possess electric charging points.

Keep on moving with the electric charging points at Interparking

Where can I charge my electric car?

Do you want to know in which Interparking car parks you can charge your electric car, find out at our 'Find a car park' page.

We have partnerships with the following suppliers of electric charging points:

Eneco eMobility has the mission: together we charge for a green future. They do this by making electric driving and charging possible for everyone. 
Shell recharge has a passion for smart solutions which are good for people, the planet and the wallet of the customers.
EV Box is working step by step to a sustainable world. They speed up the revolution with safe, smart and connected EV charging solutions. 
Eco Tap provides solutions for the increasing CO2 emission, deforestation and the depletion of fossil fuels by encouraging green entrepreneurship.


  Shell Recharge    EVBOX