Eco Parking

Drivers with an electric car or a fuel economy rating A park their car more cheaply at Interparking!

Interparking helps drivers become more eco-friendly. Drivers with an electric car or a fuel economy rating A know that their cars are more environmentally friendly, but now they can also park more cheaply.

At Interparking, we call this Eco Parking. An environmentally-friendly parking solution which is now available in the Markthal car park in Rotterdam.

A lower rate, a cleaner city

Eco Parking is a win-win situation for everyone. On the one hand, drivers can park with a discount of € 0,20 on the hourly rate. On the other hand, the city centre stays cleaner. Interparking combines two important environmental aspects:
  • It promotes environmentally-friendly driving
  • It reduces CO2 emission.
Drivers also become more aware about the fuel economy rating of their car. It is part of Interparking’s mission to contribute towards this awareness.

Eco Parking

Number plate recognition

As soon as a car enters the car park, the reduction rate is calculated. The number plate registration system at the entrance can determine the fuel economy rating, as it is linked to the RDW (Dutch Road Administration) database. Drivers receive a special Eco Parking ticket, which gives a discount of for fuel economy rating A and 100% electric cars. The total reduction is shown at the payment terminal. Drivers can also find out what their fuel economy rating is in advance, via the RDW website:

An eco-friendly parking solution

Interparking’s mission is ‘Making the world move better’, which forms the basis of eco-friendly parking solutions such as Eco Parking. Eco Parking helps people get around in a more environmentally-friendly way. Interparking is the first car park operator in the Netherlands and Europe to introduce a parking reduction scheme based on the fuel economy rating. It is our plan to introduce Eco Parking at other Interparking locations in Europe.

Eco Parking